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Mango makes an excellent addition to a meal. It is the most famous tropical fruit all over the world. It is also considered as the most exotic fruit among all because of its delicate taste and sweet aroma. There are different varieties of mangoes all over the world, but one thing is common among all is that the soft and sweet taste. The fruit is filled with various kinds of essential nutrients like protein, sugar, minerals, crude fibres and many more.

The content of Vitamin-A is very high in mango which is responsible for many functions of the body. The form of Vitamin-A from plant sources such as a mango is beta-carotene. Beta-carotene reduces the size of cancerous tumours and protects the body from developing them. Vitamin-A also helps in improving eyesight, so mango is beneficial for it. Mango has a good anti-microbial effect as it inhibits growth of pyococcus. It also diminishes inflammation which can treat gastrointestinal tract infections and skin diseases very effectively. It also contains keto and alcohol acid which have an anti-cancer effect. Drinking mango juice can increase gastrointestinal motility and thus helps in the prevention of colon cancer. It also eliminates cough as it contains glycoside which is effective for preventing and treating asthma and related diseases.Mango supplies adequate Vitamin-C to the body and helps in lowering cholesterol and for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It has no sodium and no fat which is great for those suffering from blood pressure problems.

All these nutritional values make mango, the ultimate nutritional super fruit.


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