Cancellations & Refunds

Returns Policy is a website operated on behalf of the farming community. Our farmers sell farm produce, primarily fruits and vegetables, which you are aware, are perishable products. You understand that these fruits cannot be stored beyond a certain time limit. Hence any return is bound to kill the quality of the product.

Hence, as a policy, we do not accept returns, for all our farm products. Exception here are cases where you receive damaged, pressed, squeezed or crushed consignments. In such cases, you may return the consignment, provided you send us and email when such consignments reach you. You can email us at .

Cancellation Policy

You are aware that once you place an order, our farmers harvest the fruits to process your orders. Fruits and vegetables once harvested, cannot be put back on the trees. Hence, as a policy, orders once placed and paid for cannot be cancelled. We may, at our sole discretion, consider postponement of your order; provided we get your update soon enough and operationally we are in a position to do so.

Replacement and Refunds Policy

Weare committed to give you the best fruits and complete returns for your every rupee. Hence, we offer replacement in two very specific cases, subject to specific conditions listed below.

a. Damaged Fruits

In a rare event fruits and vegetables may be damaged in transit. Our couriers usually take great care in handling our packages but damages do happen at times. In such a case, the box used to send the fruits to you will be damaged too. If you encounter such a box, we will offer you replacement for such damaged fruits, provided you inform us by email ( within 6 hours of receiving such consignments, and send us pictures of the damaged fruits and box within 12 hours of receiving such consignments

b. Bad or Rotten Fruits

In rare cases, fruits that look perfectly good from outside may be bad or rotten from the inside. You understand that this is nature and not a manmade product and we cannot, in spite of all efforts, say for sure what is inside the fruit. If you encounter such fruits, we will offer you replacement for such bad or rotten fruits in your next order, provided you inform us via a phone call or e-mail us at complaints@fruitwallah.comwithin 6 hours of receiving such consignments, and send us pictures of the damaged fruits and the box within 12 hours of receiving such consignments. As replacement, we will send you discount codes of the value or issue store credits as store points, 1 point equivalent to 1 Rupee of the value of the bad fruit/Veg, which you can use with your next purchase.

Refunds Policy

In the event we are not able to provide you a replacement, for reasons including but not limited to season ending, not enough production, lack of service of courier, etc, we will issue you refunds for the amount you have paid us in the form of store points; 1 point that is equivalent value of one rupee INR. The store points can be used towards your next order where you can redeem them.

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